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What We Offer?

Welcome to the world of Paper+Fringe

Paper and Fringe is a bespoke balloon decor company that creates organic balloon installations for all types of events. We all offer custom colored balloon kits and balloon workshops that will take your ballooning skills to the next level.  At Paper and Fringe we pride ourselves in working closely with our clients and vendors to ensure your event is nothing but amazing!  We love to create new and refreshing balloon decor for any type of event or occasion. We incorporate some of our favorite things such as fringe, vinyls and florals in our designs making all of our balloon decor custom to your needs. We also offer custom colored balloons to match any color palette or theme.

Our specialty is custom balloon decor for: birthday celebrations, engagement/proposals, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, cake smash photo sessions, corporate events and more. While we specialize in the organic balloons style (which include organic balloon garlands and wall designs) We also offer classic balloon designs (which include balloon arches, columns and centerpieces). We install our balloons anywhere, both indoors and outdoors to fit all of your needs. We are based in New York City and are available for domestic and international travel. 

Balloon Facts


Eco Friendly

It is very important for us to only use the leading brands in latex balloons. Our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and are plant based (made from natural rubber). This means that if and when your balloons pop, the fragments will not cause harm to the environment.

Mother Nature

It is important to understand that mother nature plays a critical role in the duration of your balloon decor. Extreme weather conditions such as heat, rain and cold will impact how long your balloon decor will last. When hosting out door events it is crucial to have some sort shaded area to protect your balloons from the sun and or rain. Balloons may expand in  heat/sunlight and shrink in cold temperatures. Please note balloons can pop due to the impact of temperatures. When exposed to sunlight and oxygen, balloons will oxidize and turn "matte". 


Balloon Safety

We do not encourage the release of balloons whether latex or mylar. We also ask our clients to please supervise children while playing with balloons or balloon fragments. Please keep balloons away from children to avoid suffocation. Chocking hazard-children under 8 can choke or suffocate on balloons/balloon particles.  Adult supervision required. 

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