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As a balloon artist creating custom colored balloons to match different color pallets is everything! Stephany Vargas is a New York based Latina who started her journey as a balloon artist in 2018. She works hand in hand with her clients to bring their color pallets to life. After years of stuffing balloons of all sizes, she was inspired to create a tool that would make double stuffing balloons easier and more efficient: The Balloon Stuffer™️

BALLOON STUFFER Custom Color Tool ™️

  • The Balloon Stuffer ™️ was designed for balloon artists and other creatives wanting to create custom balloon colors. Custom balloon colors are created by stuffing an individual balloon into another balloon. The balloon stuffer simplifies this process by allowing its users the ability to stuff multiple balloons at the same time. Its design features a 10”x 6” base, five large posts on one side and five small posts on the other, making easier for more than one person to use at once. It’s compact design and removable posts, makes it perfect for travel and stuffing on the go.


    This box includes:


    • One hand crafted wood base 
    • Five large wood sticks
    • Five small wood sticks


    Proudly made in New York City by Dominican artists.

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